Tooth Extraction in Cookeville, TNWe strive every day to maintain healthy teeth for every patient that walks through our doors. As a result, most of our patients rarely need extractions. Sometimes, however, wisdom teeth hurt, teeth break, or cavities just get a little too big. When this occurs, we are expertly trained to extract (or pull) your tooth gently and with little discomfort after the procedure.

We evaluate patients every day that are not regular attendees to our office. Although we would like to see patients every 6 months, for some people this isn’t an option. If you have a tooth that is hurting, and you don’t have a regular dentist, give us a call.

Our patients have told us countless times how much they appreciate that we do extractions in our office. It saves them extra appointments and hundreds of dollars per tooth compared to an oral surgeon. We want to help our patients most of all, and this is one way we can help.

Gentle, quick, and inexpensive- Come in, or contact us to see for yourself why our patients love us so much.