Almost every day, we have a patient with a dental issue that needs to be corrected right now. We work hard every day to ensure the dental needs of our patients are taken care of early so that emergencies are few and far between. Sometimes accidents happen, teeth crack, abscesses form, and you just need to be seen right away. Some offices are so busy it could take six weeks to have your problem fixed. We set aside time for right now dentistry every day to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Even if you’re not an established patient at our office, we work hard to get you out of pain as soon as possible. Whether we start a root canal, extract a tooth, or fix that chipped front tooth, we will get you ready for the family Christmas photo or the wedding this weekend.

Right now dentistry is an important to maintaining healthy mouths and happy patients. If you’re having an emergency and need help today, contact us today to request an appointment, or give us a call!