Nitrous Sedation in Cookeville, TNRelaxing dentistry is a phrase that many believe contain words that have nothing to do with each other. The dental office will never be the most comfortable place to be, but we take steps every day to make sure that you and your family will be as comfortable as possible. We have a beautiful office, friendly staff, and televisions to keep you occupied during the procedure. Most of our patients tell us they don’t feel the injections and we feel this starts your appointment off on the right foot. We maintain a low-stress environment which allows us to see you at or before your appointment time. We structure our day with you in mind, and you will notice a difference from any other office you may have been to.

For most patients, this is enough to make a dental appointment relaxing and enjoyable, but for many of our patients, they require a little more than that. We love working with children, and many of them require nitrous (the gas in the nose cone) to help them relax. This makes the appointment feel quicker for the child, but also allows us to do most procedures with no anesthesia at all.

Whether due to a bad experience, or just a fear they can’t explain, some of our adult patients require a little help to relax as well. For some patients, nitrous is enough, but for others, we need to do a little more. Currently, we offer a medicated relaxation technique called anxiolysis. This is not a deep sedation like you would receive from an operating room, rather, medication that will allow you to relax during the appointment yet be alert and responsive to allow the procedure to flow smoothly.

At Slager Family Dental Care we strive to make our patient experience as comfortable as possible. Please see below to see the complimentary amenities we offer that make your visit more enjoyable

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