With all of the concerns regarding COVID-19, we will ask you the questions below upon your arrival at our office, as well as follow the protocols that we have listed.

1. Have you been on international travel over the past 14 days?
2. Have you been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days?
3. Do you have an existing respiratory illnesses, or have any conditions that would render you immune-compromised?
4. Are you currently running a fever, coughing or feeling unwell in any way?
5. Are you currently or in the near future going to be responsible for the care of any individuals that are immune-compromised or have existing respiratory illnesses?

These are the steps we are taking to go above and beyond the standard infection control protocols:

1. Every patient entering our office is being screened the same way you are.
2. We are spacing out appointments to allow adequate time to double disinfect all contact surfaces by a team member specifically designated for sanitization.
3. We ask that you do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time in order to limit time spent in the waiting room. If you arrive early, please wait in your car or outside until that time.
4. We will be sanitizing the waiting room and restrooms hourly.
5. The highest standard of sterilization in all other aspects of our office are already followed daily and do not require modification.