Botox has long been used to get rid of wrinkles, bulk up lips, and can provide an overall more youthful appearance. It has not been without its controversies however, mostly stemming from the fact that botox is short for BOtulinum TOXin with is a toxin ingested when Clostridium Botulinum grows in improperly canned foods. It spreads through the body and blocks nerve function in some cases stops breathing causing death.

It is understandable that Botox has a little controversy when people started using it as an elective treatment. However, countless studies have shown it to be safe if used in proper doses with a licensed professional.

Dentistry has found a functional use for Botox and is a reasonable alternative for some patients.

This patient Had black triangles forming in the front of her smile.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but she hated the spaces forming between the teeth and wanted to know all her options. The only permanent solutions included very expensive surgeries with long healing time and no real guarantee that the result would be exactly what she wanted.

Botox was presented as an alternative which would include a 15 minute procedure every 6 months with no surgery or recovery time and significantly decreased cost.

The patient has these areas re treated every 6 months at her oral hygiene examinations and the results look amazing. There are many ways to correct esthetic problems with your smile, ask your dentist about any issues you may be having.

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