Your First Visit

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We want your first visit here to make a positive lasting impression!

When you arrive, Jodi will meet and greet you warmly, and then direct you to one of our Patient Check-In computers. You will enter all your pertinent personal information, and then Samantha or Hannah will make radiographs (x-rays) and some photographs. Following that, you will meet with Dr. Rhodes or Dr. Slager for a 5 minute get-to-know interview, and then he and one of his assistants will examine you and give you an assessment. This entire process will last about 1 hour.

Your primary concern will be our primary concern. If no significant needs are found, and time permits, we will clean your teeth that day. If there are other needs, you will then be rescheduled for the presentation of a treatment plan based upon those needs and to start any necessary treatment.

We believe in being on time and staying on time, and we like to give everyone personalized attention, which is why we typically do no dental treatment on your first visit.