Root Canal

Root canal treatment elicits varying reactions from people. Some are scared of it, while most feel that the procedure will give them so much pain, they avoid it entirely. We, at Rhodes and Slager Family Dental Care, are here to give you as much education as you need about the root canal procedure and what it entails. We guarantee that root canal treatment will only be performed when necessary. Before a root canal is recommended, we will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and gums.

During root canal treatment, the infected pulp or soft tissue inside of a tooth is removed. Doing this will restore the health of a tooth and save it from extraction. Once the infected tissue is taken out, a filling material will be placed so your tooth is restored. Sometimes, a dental crown may be necessary after the root canal treatment, to offer a tooth further protection.

Also called endodontic treatment, this procedure is performed on a tooth that is decayed but not badly damaged. A root canal will not only eliminate pain, but can save a permanent tooth from extraction. It is a treatment that mustn’t be feared, but a process that can, thankfully, save a tooth. We take extra care numbing the tooth so you will absolutely feel no pain during the entire procedure.

Treatment time varies according to the condition of the patient’s teeth. There are times when only one tooth needs root canal treatment, but there are also cases wherein several teeth require endodontics. The length of time, need for crowns, and need for medication all depend on the conditions of a patient’s tooth.

We do almost all of the root canal treatments at our office to better serve you and limit the number of providers you need to see to repair a broken tooth. Contact us today and find out why our patients love coming to see us.