Restoration of Crowns

Restoration of a crown is needed when a dental crown fails to deliver what it should. A dental crown completely caps a tooth in order to restore its health, function and appearance. When these needs are not met, you will need to have your crowns restored as soon as possible. We, at Rhodes Dentistry, can perform restorations of crowns to solve a variety of problems with them. Dr. John Rhodes is a highly skilled dentist in Cookeville, TN and is the right dentist for the job. He will talk with you about the various reasons for dental crown failure and then perform the necessary reconstructive procedure. You will also be treated to excellent dental care by our warm and friendly dental staff while getting your crowns restored.

A person who needs restoration of a crown or crowns may have loose-fitting crowns, bonding issues, teeth sensitivity, crown discolorations, and/or decay in the underlying tooth. A patient who experiences pain when biting with the crown may also be a candidate for restoration of crowns. Visit our practice in Cookeville, TN so Dr. Rhodes can study and analyze your situation. He will best determine if any discomfort you are experiencing is caused by crowns or some other dental issue.

Should you need restoration of crowns, Dr. Rhodes may need to replace your old crown with a new one. He will need to take an impression of your teeth so the new crowns can be custom-fitted to suit the function and aesthetics of your mouth. You will need at least 2 dental visits for your crowns to be fully restored. The new dental crowns will be fabricated using the best dental materials and technology. You can trust Dr. Rhodes to deliver you skill and excellence in restoring your crowns.

We, at Rhodes Dentistry, invite you to come to our practice in Cookeville, TN. We offer a full range of dental services to bring you healthy teeth and gums for life. We believe that having good oral health will make you smile confidently. Contact us today for more information about crowns and many other dental procedures.