Preventive Dentistry

Nobody likes tooth decay, but a trip to the dentist is something that many people avoid all too often. Let’s face it, brushing and flossing alone cannot give you healthy teeth for life, as you may have hoped. Healthy teeth and gums result from preventive dentistry. Why wait for your teeth to get damaged, when you can see the dentist and give your teeth protection from cavities? We, at Rhodes and Slager Family Dental Care, can help alleviate your concerns and make you feel at-home with our caring dental team. The dentists and our staff will give you dental care that will truly make you smile.

Preventive dentistry encompasses a wide range of services that includes cleaning, fluoride treatment and sealant application, to name a few. This branch of dentistry aims for excellent oral health through preventive measures. Regular checkups ensure that the condition of your teeth is monitored by your dentist. With preventive dentistry, you can avoid tooth decay, as well as complex and costly dental procedures.

Sealants are a great way to protect the teeth from cavities. A sealant acts like a coating that seals a tooth for protection. A tooth that has ridges may be difficult to clean. A child who is learning how to brush may also find it hard to effectively clean some teeth well enough. With sealants, teeth are offered protection for that long-lasting smile.

Our Cookeville, TN patients are advised to take professional teeth cleaning and make this part of their oral regimen. Thorough cleaning of both the gums and teeth may be done twice a year to kill bacteria-causing plaque and tartar. Professional cleaning also prevents the onset of tooth decay. Oral prophylaxis is a simple and inexpensive dental procedure that cleans and rids the teeth of debris and bacteria.

We, at Rhodes and Slager Family Dental Care, believe that when preventive dentistry is practiced, healthy teeth and gums can be achieved for life. Even with a busy schedule, let preventive dentistry be a part of your lifestyle. Contact us today and be treated by our warm and caring dental professionals to excellent dental care in Cookeville, TN.