Meet the Team

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Samantha Bos, RDA – Has been with the office for twenty-two years. She is a Registered Dental Assistant who knows all phases of the office, front and back, and is very friendly and capable, an invaluable asset. She is married to Daniel Bos and has three children, and they live in Buffalo Valley.

Carrie Smith, RDH – A top-notch dental hygienist who has been with the office for eleven years.  She is most talented and friendly, and makes wonderful photographs of teeth.  She and Berkley are a great hygiene team!  Carrie is married to Nathan Smith and has one child, and they live in Crossville.

 Loretta Kmet – Rejoined our office on May 1, 2014 after taking a few years’ hiatus to open and develop the local Great Harvest Bread store on Jefferson Avenue near the Square. We are very pleased to have her back! She is our accounts manager and insurance guru, and occasionally helps at the front desk.  She and her husband, Jim Kmet, live in Cookeville, and have two grown (one married) children and are expecting their first grandchild!

Jodi Berta – Rejoined our office on December 28, 2015 after working a few years at a local bank, and we’re glad to have her back too!  She works at the front desk and handles the clerical concerns of the practice, including answering the telephone, making appointments, greeting you when you arrive, among other tasks.  She and her husband, Robbie Berta, have two children, and they live in Baxter.

Berkley Richardson, RDH – Berkley is our newest dental hygienist! She joined us on April 27, 2015, and has five years’ experience. She is very personable and gentle, and we are very glad she has come our way. Her father is a dentist in Bristol, Tennessee, so she comes by her talent naturally.  She and her husband, Tyler Richardson, live here in Cookeville.

Hannah Strong, RDA – Joined our office on August 31, 2015!  She is a bright, energetic, and eager worker who doubles as a chair-side assistant to Dr. Rhodes and a circulating assistant to both hygienists.  She is proudly the youngest person in the office, and we love having her around to keep us from becoming old coots!  Hannah lives on the Putnam / Jackson County line.

Lisa Rhodes, RN – Lisa has been married to Dr. Rhodes for 36 years and now works with the office on Monday and Thursday mornings. She assists Jodi at the front desk and makes sure that Doc does not lollygag around.  She and Dr. Rhodes have two grown and married daughters, and are zealously anticipating grandparenthood!
New staff photos coming soon, our Facebook page also has several staff photos.