Composite Bonded Resin Fillings

Fillings are one of the most commonly practiced dental procedures because they restore decayed teeth very effectively. Composite bonded resin fillings fill in cavities and gaps, and can be used for procedures like dental crowns, bridges and reshaping of the teeth. The team at Rhodes and Slager Family Dental Care have performed countless resin fillings to restore and strengthen teeth. Our patients in Cookeville, TN love the fact that their resin fillings are long-lasting, natural looking and blend well with the teeth.

Composite bonded resin fillings are a better alternative to traditional amalgams because they greatly resemble the color of real teeth. If you crack a big smile, sing a high note, or laugh too hard, your friends will hardly notice the fillings, as they match the color of your teeth. Traditional amalgams tend to blacken over time. Resin fillings, on the other hand, won’t change color. Composite resin fillings have also greatly improved over the years, the materials presently used are stronger and more durable than earlier versions.

The bonding of composite resin fillings requires an expert, skilled dentist like Dr. Rhodes or Dr. Slager. After removing any decay and otherwise preparing the tooth to be filled, our skilled dentists will need to make sure that your tooth is dry before the fillings are placed. The resin fillings are in a dough-like state when applied to a tooth. They will then use a special curing light to harden and bond the filling into place. The challenge lies in this latter stage of hardening the filling, as a very thick composition will not enable the light to penetrate. Our dental professionals need to consider the thickness and cosmetic aspects of a tooth, as well as a patient’s bite, while performing the procedure. Both Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Slager are highly trained for this procedure and can give you quality composite bonded resin fillings that can last for many years. We, at Rhodes and Slager Dental Care, will also make sure that you are comfortable during the entire process.

As the “hub of the upper Cumberland”, Cookeville, TN requires the best dentists in the area. Come to Rhodes and Slager Family Dental Care for your composite bonded resin fillings and be treated to excellent dental care and services. Contact us today for more information!